Drawing of Kingston village well and pump
Your Councillors

Parish Councillors - Serving the local community

Our Kingston Parish councillors are:

Chair Sue Dalgleish

Vice-chair  Julie Conder (Finance, Website and Facebook)


Miki Ellar (Village Hall Management Committee Representative)

Mark Nicholls (Open Spaces and Footpaths)

Paul Wheeler

Note: Personal addresses and phone numbers are not given here on the website, for reasons of confidentiality, although further contact details are available in the village magazine (distributed to all households in the parish once a month).

Clerk to the Parish Council

Interim clerk:

Peter Stokes

Click to email the council: clerk@kingstonvillage.org.uk

We welcome feedback and input from all in Kingston. Please do contact the parish clerk in the first instance for further information, or if you have matters you wish to raise with the council. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council.