Parish Council Agenda
Photo of roof and tower of Kingston Parish church, trees in the foreground

Parish Council Meeting Agenda


Members of the Public are welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings, but may not take part except at the invitation of the Chairman.

The Agenda for the next meeting will be published here a few days before the meeting, and a physical copy will be pinned to the Village Noticeboard.

Notice of Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of Kingston Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 14th September 2021 at 8.00pm, in Kingston Village Hall. All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the Meeting as set out below.
Members of the Public are welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings, but may not take part except at the invitation of the Chair.
Mimi Wheeler
Parish Clerk
Dated 9 September 2021

1. Apologies
2. Minutes of last meeting
  2.1. Parish Council meeting 13th July 2021
  2.2. Extraordinary meeting 21st July 2021
3. Matters arising
  3.1. 3.1 East West railway (SD and JCo)
  3.2. 3.2 Change of charitable status of Kingston Village Hall Committee
  3.3. 3.4 Kingston phone box
  3.4. 3.5 Parish Meeting and Orchard Tea Party
  3.5. 3.6 Appointing a new Trustee for Kingston Poor’s Land Charity
4. Correspondence

  4.1. Email from Martyn Apperly, Chaundlers, Church Lane regarding Community Ground Source Heating: Requesting KPC to consider a scheme such as that at Swaffham Prior; “they have undertaken a community heating project, overseen by Cambridge County Council, to create a centralised ground source bore hole, centralised boiler and a distribution network to those villagers who wish to take part. The interface at each property is a Heating Interface Unit which apparently connects directly into existing oil-fired systems, allowing those participating to, if they wish, remove the oil-fired boiler, tank and fuel line. The system seems to have a centralised back-up immersion heater style tank should the main system stop functioning correctly. The starting point for information on the project appears to be I am not certain of the initial costs but the ongoing heat/maintenance costs are significantly lower (at today’s prices) than I would pay for oil.” Martin would be interested to know what the PC thinks.

  4.2. Email from James Cole regarding the new constituency boundary proposals out for consultation early 2022.

  4.3. Greater Cambridge Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document consultation open until 17th September. Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document (

  4.4. Greater Cambridge Local Plan – First Proposals published online. The full digital plan site is now live at: public consultation, currently planned for 1 November-13 December 2021    

  4.5. Telephone call from council to get an update on our COVID plan for the parish.
5. County Councillor’s report
6. District Councillor’s report
7. Open Spaces Report
  7.1. Work party to be organised for Autumn
8. Clerk’s report
  8.1. Bi-monthly report
  8.2. Invoices:
   8.2.1. Opus Energy footway lighting energy July 2021 £23.93 (already paid, direct debit)
   8.2.2. Opus Energy footway lighting energy Aug 2021 £24.44 (already paid, direct debit)
   8.2.3. Buchan’s Landscapes grasscutting in July 2021 (inv 2659) £494.78 (already paid)
   8.2.4. Parish Clerk’s salary August 2021 £135.58 (already paid)
   8.2.5. annual charge for hosting £141.30 (already paid)
   8.2.6. Parish Clerk’s salary September 2021 £135.58
  8.3. Quote received for repairs in the Play area’s wooden edging. Other work to be carried out voluntarily prior to spring.
9. Planning
  9.1. Old Farm House, permission granted for internal alterations and the new access road with the condition to permanently close current driveway.
  9.2. 21/0960/TTCA Walkers Field, Church Lane. TG3 - fell all trees within the group to near ground level.
10. Items for next meeting
11. Date of next meeting

Dates of Parish Council Meetings in 2021

12 January, 24 February (Extraordinary), 9 March, 4 May, 21 June (Extraordinary), 13 July, 21 July (Extraordinary), 14 September, 9 November

Parish Council: 12 January, 24 February (Extraordinary), 9 March, 4 May, 21 June (Extraordinary), 13 July, 14 September, 9 November

Annual Village Meeting: tbc