Kingston Oil Club
Photo of roof and tower of Kingston Parish church, trees in the foreground

Kingston Oil Club

This is an opportunity to get the best price for your heating oil with someone else doing all the hard work. The scheme has been operating in Kingston and other local villages for several years now. By operating as a club, each year we receive a small commission (£5 per member) which will be used to support village projects.

How does it work? To order your next oil delivery at the best price, contact:

Jeremy Cole

Agricole Ltd

29 The Maltings



CB23 5FR

Tel: 01954 719452 or 07860 904045 email:

Be sure to say that you belong to Kingston Oil Club. You won’t have a contract with Kingston Oil Club or with Agricole.  Agricole is a broker only, and will pass your order on to the cheapest supplier that day and confirm the details via letter/email/fax, to avoid any confusion/misunderstandings before delivery.  You will pay the supplier direct, pre-delivery, and the supplier will reduce your bill to reflect the fact that you are being given the volume discount. You can stop using Agricole at any time.

Why is it cheaper? It is not always better to have a long-term contract with one supplier. Oil prices fluctuate daily, and daily ‘spot’ prices are generally cheaper. It pays to shop around each time you place an order. Agricole does this for you!

Can I have an arrangement where a supplier gives me an automatic regular top-up? Again this means one supplier, and so this is not the cheapest option.

How many members are needed to make this viable? No minimum. The whole point is that Kingston members’ orders are bundled in with those of other Agricole clients.

Charitable aspect: Agricole is paid by the suppliers who give it a small commission on each order (the commission is small enough that the householder still keeps practically all of the savings).  Out of its commission, Agricole will make a donation to Kingston Oil Club of £5 per active member per year (‘active’ means the member has placed at least two orders over 500 litres).  Kingston Oil Club will pass this money on to the Parish Council, which will use it to support village projects, which is a way of passing a small bit of the savings back into our community.

What are the catches? There don’t seem to be any!  Membership is free and you can leave at any time without penalty.  This is a community club designed to save its members money, and take the hassle out of ordering oil.  That’s all.

Any questions? If you have any questions, please in the first instance contact Jeremy Cole, details above, or Kingston Parish Council

Disclaimer: Your Parish Councillors think this is a good idea and recommend it to you, but cannot accept any personal or other liability for the operation of the scheme.