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Parking in Kingston


Parking in Kingston is difficult for large events such as a big party, a wedding or funeral. Unless directed, visitors tend to bump up onto any bit of grass verge they can find resulting in nuisance parking, obstructions and damaged verges.


There are in fact two stretches of road in the village which are safe and convenient for parking. There is room for traffic (including buses) to pass, but only in one direction at a time.


If you are organising an event in the village which will bring a number of cars, and to encourage considerate parking, it would be helpful if you could send this map to your guests. As a courtesy to your neighbours, and to preserve our vulnerable verges, please advise visitors NOT to park in the small side roads in the village.

If vehicles are spotted parking inconsiderately, here is a suggested "Polite Notice" you can download and print. Use it to encourage drivers to park responsibly and to avoid damage to the green spaces and verges in the village



• One large and one smaller hall

• Smaller hall newly refurbished

• Up to 50 people sitting

•Tables and chairs supplied

• Fully equipped kitchen

• China, glassware and cutlery

• Fridge

• Alcohol licence

• Disabled access and facilities


Hire charges per hour:

Kingston residents: Before 7pm - £5. After 7pm - £7

Non residents: Before 7pm - £9. After 7pm - £12

Enquiries: Sarah Wright (secretary)

01223 263500


Annual Parish Meeting

The meeting for 2017 was held on Thursday 18th May in the Village Hall. Lively discussion was enjoyed by all who attended.


Minutes, including reports from our District Councillor, are available in pdf format by clicking on the year you are interested in below:

Faster Broadband


Detailed delivery planning is now nearing completion. Two thirds of the village now have FTTP provision ("Fibre To The Premises"), with cabling and commissioning work for the remainder of the village due to completed by mid June 2017.


A small number of harder to reach premises will be covered in follow-on phases of the programme.


For more details about the 'Connecting Cambridgeshire' programme, and latest updates, click here

Village Hall Refurbishment

Building work on Phase 1 of the renovation project started in February 2015, and was completed in the Autumn. A photo gallery has been put together on the website to show the work as it progressed. Photos courtesy Pat Draper

See the Village Hall Upgrade section of the website for details.

Cambridgeshire County Council has introduced a new interactive reporting system for highway problems which will ensure the person reporting the problem is kept fully up to speed with its repair.

The Highways Reporting Project allows people to:

County Highway Fault Reporting System

Report a fault using a web-based mapping system to ensure the exact location is identified and notified to repair teams

Check online to see if the fault has already been reported

Let the customer go online to check progress on repair work

Kingston Community Led Plan

Thank you to everyone who contributed their views. The Plan has been written by a group of local residents and formally adopted by the Parish Council, and also submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council. Copies have been distributed to every household in the village and are also available for download: Click here.

Millennium photo album


An album has come to light containing a number of photos and documents relating to the creation of the millennium tapestry (which hangs in the village hall) and also some cuttings from the Cambridge News of articles around that time, all with pictures of various Kingston residents – many of them, alas, no longer with us. The album will be kept with other Parish Council archives in the village hall. Anybody is welcome to borrow it for a browse through – please let Peter Stokes know.

Home Energy Improvements

Information from South Cambs District Council:-

The new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund replaces the Green Deal Cashback scheme, which closed on 30 June.  On the whole it’s simpler and more attractive. 

In addition, for Solid Wall Insulation, you can get up to 75% of the cost, up to £6,000 (pretty similar to what is available under the new local authority Solid Wall Insulation scheme, though in some cases the local authority scheme will offer a better deal, and in none a worse deal). 

And if you bought your home in the last 12 months, there’s an additional £500.

There’s  more information here on the dotgov site, or if you prefer a  journalist’s take on it, here.

Buy a brick and donate to the Village Hall  the scheme has been approved for Gift Aid, so donations will be worth extra!

We can now raise funds for the Village Hall with just a couple of clicks whenever we go shopping online.

Sign up here (it is free and it is easy):

To raise funds just log in before you start shopping and up to 15% from each purchase you make will be donated to Kingston Village Hall.

Public Paths and Rights of Way Map

Click here to download a pdf copy of the Kingston Parish map. The map has been supplied to us by Cambridgeshire County Council along with an explanatory note: "Please note that there may be some paths shown in unexpected places. This is because we are still part way (approximately 30% parishes complete) through our project to consolidate the Definitive Map. As a result, what is shown on the other 70% of parishes includes the strictly legal line of every path, and this may not reflect recent or even past diversions where the legal work is not yet complete."


Playground Notice

Kingston Play Area:

We remind dog owners that dogs must not be allowed inside the play area unless on a lead. Please clear up after your dog as appropriate, and we ask you not to set dogs loose in Crane’s Lane near the play area because of the risk that they could run unsupervised into the area, either upsetting small children or possibly fouling.

First Responder Scheme

You probably know that First Responders are often the first on the scene at a medical emergency such as a heart attack, and through prompt action, may save a life whilst waiting for the ambulance. We have no such scheme in this area, but a local scheme covering several villages including Kingston is being organised. Start-up funds are being raised (the Parish Council is contributing) and a small team of volunteers is needed as First Responders. Training is provided. Please consider if you could be a First Responder!

Click here for details.

There is a village emailing list operated by the Parish Clerk which has two functions: 

- information of interest to residents, usually when there is not enough time to wait for the next Parish Magazine. Typically less than 10 messages are sent out per year in this way, so not a deluge of spam!

 - Kingston Neighbourhood Watch to alert residents to suspicious persons, nuisance callers, police advice, or anything else in the general area of crime prevention. It is also used to pass on the regular messages we receive via the e-cops service.

Your name can be removed at any time, sending an email is easiest, or just contact the Parish Clerk. Messages are sent out 'bcc' so that your email address is not visible to other recipients.