Kingston Parish Council

Village Hall Upgrade Project

Our village hall is now undergoing an exciting major upgrade, which has been split into several phases. Phase 1 involved improvements to the small hall, including an extension, a new pitched roof, new toilets, a fully-equipped kitchen and a new entrance lobby which is wheelchair-accessible. The ceilingi n the small hall is now much higher, giving a more open, airy feel, and we have large storage cupboards for equipment such as chairs and tables. The kitchen is now self-contained, and has a cooker, dishwasher and fridge-freezer, so that meals can be prepared and cleared up.


The project was funded by grants provided by WREN, AmeyCespa, Biffa Award, South Cambridgeshire District Council, The Rank Organisation, and Kingston Parish Council. Other funding has come from various fundraising events in the village, as well as generous contributions from a number of individuals in the village.


Building work for Phase 1 started on 9 February 2015 and was completed in the Autumn of 2015 with a grand opening event. Here are photographs of the project, including several shots of the inside of the hall before work started. Click on the buttons below to take a look.


Update 2017


Further work is now being planned, costed, and grants applied for:


Phase 2 - the large hall

In the large hall we need: a new floor; new wiring and lighting; cladding on the walls, and curtains or blinds on the windows to improve heat and sound insulation and the acoustics; improvements to the heating system; replacement electrical work and painting. Additionally, a set of padded stackable chairs, and new cafe-style small round and square table. WREN have agreed to provide us with a grant for these improvements, and we expect work to commence very soon.


Phase 3 - outside area

Renew fencing; replace tarmac area with a surface suitable for play




The Village Hall Management Committee is in overall control of the project, and has been meeting regularly to take decisions and monitor progress. The key people on the committee with specific functions for this project are:


Mark Stalham: Village Hall Management Committee chairman

Chris Reid: Treasurer

Peter Stokes: Project Manager

Suzy Stokes: Publicity Officer

Pat Draper: Photography