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As reported in the August village magazine:

Vehicle speed measurement

A number of volunteers, working in pairs, have measured the speeds of vehicles travelling through Kingston at various times of the day and on various days of the week. Only through traffic in The Green was measured, as they passed the crossroads in either direction. Vehicles stopping or turning were not measured. The measuring team stood in the bus shelter to attract minimum attention. 161 vehicles were checked in all, and the percentage of cars measured in speed ‘bands’ is shown below.

2018/19 Audit

The audit of the Parish Council’s accounts for the last financial year has been completed without problems. Because of the relatively small size of the council’s budget, and our history of ‘clean’ audits, we were allowed to claim exemption from the auditor’s formal review. Various documents summarizing the financial transactions for 2018/19 and prior years can be viewed on the village website: click here

County Councillor Support

Lina Nieto, our County Councillor, has asked for your help in two areas:
• Please email Lina with your list of priority road repairs, including re-surfacing
and potholes
• Please email Lina with details if you are having any issues with mobile phone
Email Lina at

• S/1827/19/LB Minor alterations at Pryor’s Cottage, Field Road: KPC agreed not to respond to this application, as to formulate a response an ‘extraordinary meeting’ would have been necessary. Since the proposed alterations were internal the application was judged to be non-contentious.
• S2006/19/FL Retrospective change of use at Kingston Barns, Bourn Road: the owners of the business had changed the use of an office to ‘Beauty Salon’. This change of use requires planning permission, so they were required to make this retrospective application as the first step in regularising the position.
• S/0926/19/FL Single-storey car port at The Barn, Field Road: this application has been granted.

Peter Stokes, Parish Clerk


The goal nets at the playground are replaced from time to time by the Parish Council at some expense. It is disappointing to find the nets with large holes in them that cannot have happened in normal use. We can only conclude that the damage has occurred through abuse or vandalism. Please keep your eyes open for any such behaviour at the playground and if possible discourage it. If you are aware of misbehaviour and know the culprits, please let the Parish Clerk know.


Fortunately flooding is not a major problem in the village, but there are some documents available from the County Council everyone should be aware of:

Riparian Owners Factsheet - Do you have a watercourse running through or adjacent to your land? Click here

Emergency Contacts - Do you know how to get help in an emergency? Click here

Blue bins

South Cambs District Council has changed its guidance regarding what to do with blue bin overflow. They now advise as follows:

If the blue bin is full, excess recyclable material will be collected if placed in one transparent sack next to the blue bin. Please put any glass in your blue bin, not in the sack for safety reasons. One bundle of cardboard may be left next to your bin if it is of a size which would fit inside the bin if there were space. Please tape or tie into a bundle to assist collection. Please do not use other colour wheeled bins for your excess recycling. You can get an additional blue bin free of charge. Contact: email, tel 03450 450 063.

Noisy Neighbours

If  noise  from  your  neighbours  becomes  a  regular  nuisance,  you  should  first approach  the  neighbours  to  try  and  reach  a  reasonable  solution.  If  this  fails,  you  need  to  contact  South  Cambs  District  Council  Environmental  Health  department.  There  is  some  useful  information  on  this  page:

They  have  a  statutory  duty  to  take  action  where  appropriate,  but  will  expect  you  to  have  approached  the  offending  party  first,  and  to  keep  a  log  of  occurrences  for  a  period  of  time. 


We have had several complaints about inconsiderate parking in the village. We know that parking space is at a premium, but please consider your neighbours when you or your guests park. In particular we ask that vehicles are not parked on village greens, which are a pleasant visual feature of our village, intended as a public amenity. If you do not have space on your own premises, the village hall car park can be used as a temporary parking place.

For more parking advice, and an advisory map: click here

Audit of Accounts 2018-19

The external auditors have completed their work on Kingston's Parish Council Annual Return and have found everything to be in order. A copy of the Return including the internal and external audit reports can be downloaded: click here

Previous years: 2017-18





Kingston Community Plan

To download a copy of the plan: click here

South Cambridgeshire Local Plan

The new Local Plan to cover the period up to 2031 has been found to be "sound" by the inspector and accordingly has been adopted.  More information is available on the SCDC website

What is a Local Plan?

A Local Plan is a statutory document that local planning authorities must prepare that sets out the Council's vision for its area and includes policies and proposals that set out a framework for new development, the use of land and conservation of key assets. It should look forward over a 15 year period from the date it is adopted.

Under the Government's new Localism approach that will see the abolition of regional plans, the District Council's plan making responsibilities have been enhanced and it is now, for the first time, for the Council to set the overall development strategy for the area, as well as sites for development, working with neighbouring authorities under the 'duty to cooperate'.   - From SCDC Briefing Paper

Kingston Oil Club

A reminder that Kingston has a group purchasing scheme in operation to save hassle and achieve good prices for prices for heating oil. We use our local broker Agricole Oil.

For more information: click here

Junction of Church Lane and the B1046

There have been complaints from time to time about long grass at this junction resulting in poor visibility for drivers turning towards Cambridge. The Highways Department is responsible for cutting grass verges, and has a programme to cut them. Unfortunately weather variations can result in growth of the grass between scheduled cuts.

The Highways people can carry out additional cuts, but they need to be requested to do so. Please therefore report to Peter Stokes any problems in this area, and he will pass on a request to the Highways Department.


Meeting Dates (subject to confirmation nearer the time)

Parish Council meetings in 2019 will be held on  8 January,  5 February (Extraordinary), 18 February (Extraordinary), 12 March, 14 May, 9 July, 10 September, 12 November

The Annual Parish Meeting is held in May.